BoogelWoogel 2018
March 28 – April 1, 2018
1170 Rosa Plateau
March – swimwear downhill skiing/snowboarding
20 000
Holi Festival of Colors
dance battle

Beach volleyball on the snow
festival venues
Miss BoogelWoogel
Ski and snowboard jumps to the pool

The carnival sign up
will start on February 15!
22 crankery sports
March – Carnival downhill skiing/snowboarding
Alpine Carnival
- is the most summer-like among all winter events… is the truest alpine skiing festival among all snowboard events… and it is the most entertaining one among all sport events in the world! BoogelWoogel is a high-grade ascent to a new level of holiday and entertainment, as well as a breathtaking descent to the whirlpool of crankeries and adventures. 5 fabulous days and 20 spectacular venues!

Participation in the carnival for
spectators and cheerful sportsmen is

absolutely FREE!

Skiers vs Snowboarders
The format of BoogelWoogel is close to Olympics…
Olympics in the field of crankeries and entertainments.
The program includes at least ten unordinary sports with the winners to be awarded. Awarding ceremony show, open-air concerts of celebrities and hot parties will be performed in the evenings. To make it hotter, in addition to tournaments in the individual event, we will hold competitions in the team event (by countries) between Alpine Skiers and Snowboarders, in order to give the answer once and forever to the question that excites humanity for dozens of years, as follows - "What division is stronger, one of Alpine Skiers or one of Snowboarders?".
Make your smartphone customized by BoogelWoogel!
The team of hardcore Siberian developers from has created an ideal option to get live information on the BoogelWoogel carnival.

It is the BoogelWoogel mobile application which, once downloaded, enables you to do the following:
  1. Getting all information about the start/delay of sign up/descents/concerts/activities, as well as news and results of competitions
  2. Navigation by using the map BoogelWoogel
  3. Watching epic battle: Alpine Skiers vs Snowboarders
  4. Taking part in the new Guinness record – the WORLD BIGGEST LIVE disco lights, as well as in mobile contests and lotteries with prizes from BoogelWoogel. For this you should have a smartphone with downloaded BoogelWoogel application

Demonstrate the application on your smartphone in the BoogelWoogel information center and get bonuses for sign up!
  • Nominal BoogelWoogel-Diploma of the participant of the Guinness record from the BoogelWoogel Carnival
  • Longsleeve BoogelWoogel SpecialGuest (T-shirt of alpine merriment) according to your size
  • Black bracelet-pass SpecialGuest
  • Passage to the SpecialGuest zone (VIP)
  • Entrance to the closed parties of the festival
  • 25 buvikov (Like-stickers for voting and joy or just likes of carnival)
  • Program and map of the alpine festival BoogelWoogel.
SpecialGuest packages can be obtained at the BoogelWoogel information center upon presenting a booking voucher to BoogelWoogel. If you do not have a voucher, you can ask him to print at the reception of your hotel.
The cost of the SpecialGuest package is included in the cost of BoogelWoogel tours
We are actively working on the program BoogelWoogel-2018

The most driving activities and competitions! A little patience - everything is just beginning :)
We need very little time to open the registration...

In the meantime, train the body and the will to win!
Carnival downhill skiing/snowboarding

Your craving for style changigng will not be ignored, BoogelWoogel is a super chance to realize your fantasies. Put on the craziest carnival costume, get up on skis or snowboard and forward for new sensations! The main thing is not to fall face in the snow and drive all the way from start to finish in the image!
Details and rules of participation - on the registration page
Jumping on skis and snowboards in the pool

Jumping on skis or board is fun, and jumping crazy even more fun. Wear a carnival costume, get on a ski or snowboard and jump into the pool with acceleration! The sea of adrenaline and immersion with a head in new sensations are guaranteed.
Details and rules of participation - on the registration page
Downhill skiing/snowboarding in swimsuits - Guinness record

The way to the Guinness Book of Records lies through ... swimsuit! To establish a new Guinness record, you need a hot desire, a bathing suit, a ski or a snowboard. If you can skate and want to flash a figure against the background of snow, do not miss the chance to get into history!
Details and rules of participation - on the registration page
Get Directions
8 (800) 500−0693
Tour checklist: outfit, backpack, swimwear is ironed – all present and correct. Perfect, now we should find way to BoogelWoogel!

From Sochi to Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort (Krasnaya Polyana) by Lastochka train, see the details here

From Krasnodar or Rostov-on-Don by train, all details here

For those who like bus travelling, look here for the timetable and routes

Note, the taxi is always available, by the way, these are authorized passenger carriers, the average cost of transfer from the airport to alpine lift is 1 400 to 2 500 rubles.

So, you has reached Rosa Khutor station, which is end of the line. The road to the Olympia alpine lift will take 2 minutes, then ascending to the level of Rosa Plateau 1170 and you are at BoogelWoogel. Our volunteers will wait you there to welcome as the BoogelWoogel dear visitor and will present your first carnival gifts: Guest or Special Guest wristband, which is your access to the world of sports, joy and beauty.
May the snow be with us!